TV 8K Mini LED TCL series X officialized for the end of 2021

Last March, we presented in our columns the 8K TCL 85X12 Ultra HD TV (85 '', 216 cm) unveiled by the Chinese manufacturer at the CES virtual show in Las Vegas 2021 (see our news TV 8K TCL 85X12: Quantum Dots, Mini LED OD Zero, 1,920 zones, 2,000 nits, 96,000 LEDs). It is now official, the X series signed TCL will make its appearance in France, normally by the end of the year.

The Asian manufacturer will speak next week, September 8, to present its new TCL X series 8K Ultra HD Mini LED TVs with the theme of Transcend Vision. An entire program !

The word to Shaoyong Zhang, CEO of TCL Electronics

“TCL is proud to take another step forward in the Mini LED adventure with the launch of the latest X Mini LED 8K series. Since 2018 TCL has been dedicated to Mini LED technology and from 2019 we start mass production of X10, the world's first Mini LED TV to be launched in the global market. I look forward to sharing the latest news on the new X Series 8K Mini LED TVs and our take on the Transcend Vision theme, ”said Shaoyong Zhang, CEO of TCL Electronics.

With the use of the plural in the brand's announcement about the X series, we are therefore expecting other screen sizes in addition to the 85-inch specimen. Likewise, TCL evokes new news for these televisions that will delight video game enthusiasts. Strongly!