We Are Rewind, the design return of the Walkman

A retro wind is definitely blowing through our electronic gadgets, with the return of a pioneer that appeared more than forty years ago, updated for today's needs.

The French company We Are Rewind (formerly KissKissBankBank) is bringing the Walkman back to market, the first portable audio player launched by Sony in 1979. Perfect if you're still attached to the cassette format, which oddly hasn't disappeared. On the contrary, it has seen its popularity rise again thanks to pop culture (Guardians of the Galaxy among others) and its sales are even experiencing some growth.

The We Are Rewind models, rather design and available in three colors with pretty evocative names -Serge (Orange), Kurt (Blue), Keith (Grey)- adapt to current standards, equipped with a rechargeable battery (goodbye batteries) and compatible with Bluetooth headsets (headphones not included). We will notice in passing the pretty promo video below which includes all the codes of the Eigthies, well done.

Available at an indicative price of 149 euros. The surprise gift for this Christmas?

Technical characteristics of the We Are Rewind Walkman

• Playback: 2-track stereo

• Frequency response: 30 Hz - 12,500 Hz with Type I cassette

• Playback signal-to-noise ratio : 50 dB

• Distortion: 0.3% typ.

• Wow and flutter: 0.2% typ.

• Headphone output power: 2 x 2 mW (32 ohms)

• Recording: stereo via 3.5 mm RCA jack

• Input level: 50 mVrms to 200 mVrms typ.

• Frequency response: 30 Hz-10,000 Hz with Type I cassette

• Signal-to-noise ratio Recording: 45 dB

• Distortion: 1% typ.

• Built-in Lithium-Ion battery: nominal voltage 3.7 V

• Nominal capacity: 2 000 m Ah

• Autonomy: 10 to 12 hours

• Dimensions: 140.8 x 88.8 x 33.5 mm

• Weight: 404 g