Black Friday 2022 > Kef LS50 at €499, i.e. -59% or -€700 off

Previewed on the site at the start of the Black Friday 2022 period, a very interesting offer on the pair of Kef LS50 bookshelf speakers displayed at €499, i.e. €700 or -59% off. A bargain not to be missed!

Below, the direct link to take advantage of the offer on the Kef LS50 bookshelf speakers displayed at 499 €, i.e. with a discount of -700 euros.

To learn more about these exceptional compact loudspeakers, click on the following link to discover the complete test of the product by the editorial staff of Kef LS50.

Black Friday 2022, Kef LS50 speakers at €499

And to take advantage of the offer, just click on the following link:

• Kef LS50 bookshelf speakers at €499, ie €700 or -59% off

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