What if the PS5 was portable?

Lack of Sony returning to the portable console market, but we have the right to dream, right?

Think back to when the PlayStation was leading the charge on both home consoles and portable consoles. Time has passed, and the smartphone has established itself as the ultimate mobile gaming machine, even sending the leader Nintendo back to the roses, the latter nevertheless keeping a foothold in the field thanks to the Switch hybrid.

Same codes, only better?

Some regret the elegant PSP (PlayStation Portable) and even its less popular successor, the PS Vita. It is for them that the American industrial designer Devin Sidel created this 3D concept of a portable PlayStation, using the codes of the recent PS5, available in several colors and even accompanied by a pretty charging station.

As for its technical characteristics, we leave it up to you to imagine them, but given the latest advances in mobile electronics, we can conjecture some great performances. Source: YankoDesign