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LX1 LED light strip ISF certified to limit eye fatigue in front of the TV

Avoid eye fatigue with this lighting forming a halo around your TV with this LX1 LED light strip signed Scenic Labs, already at the origin of the professional Medialight MK2 headband presented in our columns almost a year ago to the day. The LX1 has the advantage of being much more affordable, therefore more general public, without sacrificing the quality of the product.

With our busy schedules and the omnipresence of screens in our daily life from a young age, our eyes are particularly strained and put to the test. And if the pleasure of a Home Cinema session, a game of video games or even a sports broadcast (in the dark of course for maximum image quality) is not denied, eye fatigue awaits with the key is irritation and / or headaches.

Aesthetic and relaxing

A situation well known to professionals in the image professions where the speakers spend most of their day in studios, plunged in the dark in front of a multitude of screens to best calibrate the works intended to be exploited in television, on OTT platforms, in cinema and on video. To overcome this concern, professional calibrators use a magic tool, an auxiliary light set on a very precise color temperature in order to relieve their eyes (see photo below), now available for Monsieur Toutlemonde in the form of the Medialight MK2.

However, the price of the Medialight MK2 may be a barrier to its use. This is why the Scenic Labs company wanted to offer a less expensive version of its flagship product, but still with high performance, the LX1. Like the Medialight band, the LX1 attaches to the back of the TV around its perimeter to provide lighting that can be adjusted to suit your tastes, and according to the distance between the TV and the back wall, using the supplied dimmer switch. Regarding the switching on and off of the LX1, everything is synchronized with the TV via the connection of the ribbon to the USB port of the screen.

LX1 tape, késako?

In short, these LEDs generate ambient light, like the Ambilight process of Philips TVs but with professional specifications. This is white, at 6500 ° K CCT (correlated color temperature, D65 standard) certified by ISF, ie perfectly identical to that of the reference white used for professional monitors. It also has an IRC index (Color Rendering Index, called CRI in English) of 92/100 (against 98/100 for the Medialight MK2). Namely, this value indicates the ability of a lamp to enable precise color distinction. It therefore in no way distorts the colors displayed on the television screen. Last precision, the LX1 has a density of 20 LEDs per meter against 30 LED / m on the Medialight MK2.

Reduced eye strain and improved perceived contrast

In the end, this white halo offers two essential advantages: firstly, eye fatigue, increasingly present with the emergence of HDR TVs at high peak brightness, is greatly reduced; then the perceived contrast on LCD TVs is significantly improved. Indeed, in the same way that a gray bar appears darker on a light background and lighter on a dark background (see the visual below), the density of blacks on an LCD screen becomes more dense. and dynamically in the presence of indirect lighting, especially when this is placed clothing (ie behind the screen).

LX1 for all TVs?

Namely, the LX1 strip is available in several lengths, from 1 m to 6 m (see table below), ideal to be associated with the diagonals of increasingly large televisions. Installation is extremely simple: you simply stick it to the back of the TV and connect it to the TV via one of its USB ports. Its length can also be easily shortened, with scissors, if necessary.

To try it is (really) to adopt it


Believe us, once the LX1 headband is installed, viewing comfort is immediately noticeable. We speak to you knowingly, we who spend many hours in front of our televisions, profession obliges. No more itchy, weeping or headache eyes.

Immediate availability.

If these products interest you you can order them on Amazon or directly from the French distributor by clicking on the following link:

- LED strip LX1 from 1 m to 6 m (your choice), 23, € 90 to € 53.90