Box nVidia Shield TV, not up to Android 10 but development still in progress

The Android 10 operating system has been around for a while and yet nothing has been announced about a Firmware update on the Shield TV boxes, which is always quick to evolve in the past. Faced with the fears expressed by the owners of Shield TV, the firm nVidia has published an official and reassuring response.

If the manufacturer nVidia has decided to skip Android 10, it is quite simply because it believes that this version of the operating system signed by Google does not introduce any new essential functionality intended for users. At the same time, nVidia has not commented specifically on Android OS 11, 12 or higher, but has assured owners of a Shield TV box that development is still underway.

nVidia has the floor.

“The development of Shield is still ongoing, we just offered an update not so long ago (Editor's note: security update and new interface closer to that of Google TV). Android 10 was a no-op for Android TV so we decided to skip it because the effort was significant and there was no major impact on end users other than the version change. Having said that, if we don't talk about our roadmap in advance I can tell you that there is still a lot of development for Shield, ”the company posted on its website.

As a reminder, the original nVidia Shield TV box was launched in May 2015 (with the Android TV 5.1 OS), updated in 2017 and then in-2019 (notably with the marketing of the “tube” version). The heart of all these boxes is none other than the Tegra SoC signed Nvidia.