What users want from video streaming services

What criteria are paramount in choosing to go to, or leave, a video streaming service?

A recent study conducted by NPR/Ipsos (via Advanced Television) among 765 users of streaming platforms in the USA sheds light on the criteria that guide decisions to subscribe or unsubscribe. Two main factors stand out: price and content.

First the cost then the content

Thus, 92% of respondents cite the cost as an important factor in the decision to subscribe, while the presence of specific series or films is cited by 87%. The same criteria come up when it comes to leaving a service: 91% cite the cost being too high, and 83% mention the disappearance of their favorite content.

Too many streaming services…

The study further reveals that 69% of users agree that there are too many streaming services today, and 58% feel overwhelmed by the amount of content available.