LG Oled 2023 Ultra HD 8K TV: LG Z3…

As announced in our columns in mid-October, the name of LG's 2023 Ultra HD 4K Oled TV range is already known, the fault once again with a leak from the Korean National Institute of Radio Research... Admittedly, it does not you had to be a great clerk to anticipate the appellations of the new vintage, but now it's confirmed.

Like the last two years, the leak on the LG 2023 TV range does not come from the Asian manufacturer but from a Korean certification body whose approval is mandatory for all electronic devices marketed in South Korea.

TV Ultra HD 8K LG Oled 2023: LG Z3

Indeed, the National Radio Research Institute measures and validates the radio wave emissions of electronic equipment to avoid interference between them. It was on this occasion that the name of the Oled LG C3 and LG G3 screen series with the references OLED65G3KNA and OLED65C3KNA emerged on the net a short month ago.

Today, it is the turn of the LG Z3 series to be announced with the reference LG OLED77Z3 (77'', 196 cm). There is no doubt that the certification of the reference LG OLED88Z3 will soon to follow. We can then logically deduce that the other Oled TV series from the Korean manufacturer will be called (unless LG decides to change everything) LG A3 and LG B3. Similarly, we will no doubt see the LG R3 model, i.e. the roll-up TV, appear in the brand's 2023 Oled TV range (Editor's note: photo of the LG 2022 Oled TV range below).