WoodUpp, the acoustic panels that make you want to redecorate

They are decorative, they have a proven usefulness to improve the acoustics of any room, discover the Danish WoodUpp acoustic panels.

How to boost your interior decoration as much as your acoustics, which sounds a little hollow or vibrates? For example with the acoustic panels of WoodUpp, an easy solution to implement (even if the ideal is to carry out a complete acoustic analysis beforehand in order to place the new elements correctly) and which brings warmth to your daily environment or homecinephile.

Small projects

We fell in love with the Akupanel 60 (photo below), panels that are easy to stack on the walls of your living room, your entrance or your Home Cinema. Handy in size (60 x 60 x 2.2 mm) and at a rather attractive all-inclusive price (€179.00 for a pack of four panels, indicative price), they look like a screen. classic but are lined underneath with black or gray felt for double sound absorption (A+ index).

Big plans

Larger, the WoodUpp Akupanel cleat panels can be used to cover entire sections of the walls to bring an additional very designer texture and always more warmth to the sound. Ten wood colors to choose from: classic oak, walnut, white, charcoal, blue oxide (beautiful with its vintage crackle)…

Samples available to test the effect at home for €5, as well as a simulator from a photo of your wall on the brand's website, present since 2017. Contact France or on 05 54 53 07 07. The icing on the cake, a nice Instagram account that gives lots of ideas to bring a real plus to your bare walls.