Xbox Series S/X, price increase in sight, but…

Just like the PlayStation 5 a few weeks ago, Xbox consoles will also see their price increase. But only after the holiday season.

Shortage of electronic components and galloping inflation are causing the prices of many electronic devices to soar, and even the PlayStation 5 was no exception, seeing its price increase at the end of August.

The word to Phil Spencer, President of Microsoft Gaming

We therefore expected the same fate to be reserved for the Xbox Series S/X - the main competitors of Sony's PS5 consoles - and this will unfortunately soon be the case, as Phil Spencer, president of Microsoft Gaming, recently confirmed. “We have maintained the price of our console, the price of the games and the price of our subscription (editor's note: to the Xbox Game Pass service), Spencer said at the Wall Street Journal's recent Tech Live conference. I don't think we can do this forever. I think we're going to have to raise the price on some things, but for this end of the year we thought it was important to maintain the prices we have."