Make your cardboard Predator mask for €8

A handful of euros, a few cardboard boxes and hours of work will be needed to make this impressive Predator mask yourself.

With explanations in English but a French accent that betrays his origins, Raphael from the Epic Cardboard Props YouTube channel specializes in reproducing movie props and characters with cardboard, paper and other easy-to-find materials. Even better, the gentleman resells PDFs for printing at low prices so that you can make these objects yourself at home.

Halloween straight ahead

Glue and specific tools are naturally necessary, as well as a lot of patience. For example, the latest video (below) teaches you how to reproduce a lifelike Predator face. So take a look at the other videos, to invite into your house for Halloween cardboard replicas of Baby Yoda, a Raptor, Mandalorian armor, Loki horns, a Jason mask, etc.