Samsung is preparing a connected ring

The Korean manufacturer is developing a connected ring capable of accurately monitoring your health.

According to the Korean naver blog (via Sam Mobile), Samsung is in the process of developing a connected ring to wear on the finger, capable of monitoring the user's activity and health.

Connected ring to monitor physiological constants and control a TV

The Korean manufacturer would thus be working with several companies to reserve the modules and components necessary for the construction of such a gadget. As a reminder, last year Samsung filed a patent with the US office for a ring comprising an optical heart monitor and an electroencephalogram. The ring would also be able to control other devices remotely, such as a smartphone or TV.

Ring or connected ring to replace connected watches?

According to several marketing research firms, such rings will become popular in the years to come, because they are easy to wear and very reliable in terms of collecting biometric data. They are also more durable than a typical smartwatch. Note that such rings already exist, both on the market and in the form of imaginary concepts.