Xbox wants to compete with the AppStore and PlayStore

Microsoft could launch its own Xbox Store on mobile, and thus bypass the giant Apple AppStore and PlayStore on Android.

Does Xbox intend to distribute its mobile games through its own platform, to the detriment of the official AppStore and PlayStore?

Talk to Microsoft

This is what certain details discovered in the documents provided by Microsoft to the British competition office suggest, as part of its proposed acquisition of the publisher/developer Activision Blizzard. Microsoft explains that one of its motivations for this takeover is to build a video game presence on mobile. “Xbox will seek to resize the Xbox Store for mobile, to attract new players to a new Xbox Mobile platform,” the document mentions. The interest for Microsoft is not to donate a percentage of its earnings to a third party service.

Android yes, iOS no…

If launching such a platform on Android devices will not be a problem - others have already done so - it will however not be possible at Apple. On iPhone and iPad, Microsoft will have to go through a web application, as the company has already done with its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service.