5G resists inflation and the recession announced for 2023

Acceleration of 5G adoption and increased demands from new adopters are among the findings of a recent large-scale study conducted around the world.

Ericsson recently conducted a huge study about 5G, surveying some 49,000 consumers in 37 countries.

Future 5G subscribers very demanding on uses and services

Extrapolated, this sample is supposed to represent the opinion of 1.7 billion people, including 430 million 5G subscribers. Purpose of the study: to assess the impact of 5G on early adopters, and to gauge the interest and expectations of those who have not yet adopted the new standard. Among the conclusions of this survey, we note that 30% of smartphone users intend to switch to 5G next year, or at least 510 million consumers across 37 markets. Also, the next wave of subscribers has higher expectations than early adopters of 5G, especially in terms of network coverage and new services.

5G, augmented reality's best ally

The study also reveals that 5G is driving the use of videos and augmented reality (AR). Over the past two years, the time spent on AR applications has doubled to two hours per week. 5G also paves the way for the metaverse: 5G users spend an hour more per week than their 4G counterparts on services related to the metaverse. Source: Advanced Television