Halloween, the night of the masks 4K Ultra HD limited edition, the one and only

John Carpenter's masterpiece is coming back to us soon in 4K Ultra HD. Back to the origins of Evil and Croquemitaine, which returns fifteen years later to the scene of its murderous madness with the same obsessions.

Made in 1978, the golden era of horror cinema, Halloween revealed John Carpenter (author, director and composer) and established a new genre, the slasher or psycho-killer movie, the urban horror film. A vein subsequently exploited to the point of nausea by a fine series of nanars (Halloween Kills, Halloween Ends), with the exception of Halloween 2018 by David Gordon Green.

Pile-poil to celebrate Halloween

So happy to find the brilliant grandiloquent opening sequence and this morbid atmosphere realized with the early Steadycam. A great classic to be found from November 9 in a 4K Ultra HD/Blu-Ray limited edition combo at ESC Éditions. In goodies in the metal case, a poster and a lot of bonuses:

• Audio commentary by Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter

• Halloween by Pascal Laugier

• Halloween music by Julien Sévéon

• Behind the mask by Mathieu Turi

• A look back at the Halloween scene

• A look back at 25 years of Halloween