Spotify Platinum, imminent arrival of the Hi-Fi offer?

Constantly postponed, the Hi-Fi offer from the Spotify streaming platform could arrive in the coming weeks. Or not ?

Waited since early 2021 by many users of the music service, having even prompted the subscription of some following its announcement, the Spotify HiFi offer ceased to be relevant in early 2022, as confirmed in person the CEO of the company. However, recent clues suggest that this option could finally arrive very soon.

Revelation of Spotify Platinum via a dissatisfaction questionnaire?

Specifically, a user on the Reddit forum recently canceled his Spotify subscription and received a questionnaire to find out the reasons for his departure. So far nothing out of the ordinary, but one of the questions reveals that if he wants, he could go for a new option called Spotify Platinum, which will be available within 30 days.

Spotify Platinum or the long-awaited Spotify HiFi offer?

The description of this option reveals that it is indeed the long-awaited Hi-Fi version, with audio CD quality, but also other advantages: Studio Sound (certainly a stereo effect), a Headphone Tuner mode , and other terms like Audio Insights, Library Pro, Playlist Pro, and access to Spotify podcasts with limited ads. Spotify Platinum subscription price, $19.99 anyway.

In other words, Spotify could announce this new option very soon. Unless it's a decoy question to gauge user interest in such a subscription.