Universal, new streaming service in France at the end of 2022

The French SVOD landscape will be enriched by a new actor in a few weeks with the arrival in our region of the Universal+ service. Similarly, the NBCUniversal group plans to launch the Dreamworks channel in our country, again before the end of the year.

The information fell this morning via a press release from the American group NBCUniversal, the Universal+ streaming platform already available in South Africa, Latin America, Spain and India will be appearing in France very soon, that is to say before the end of 2022. We learned at the same time that the Dreamworks television channel is also expected at the same time.

Universal+, 13e Rue, Dreamworks, Syfy and E


In fact, the Dreamworks channel will be part of Universal+ but it will also be available in link form on French ISP boxes (perhaps exclusively at Canal+ following the agreement signed with Universal recently). Within the SVOD Universal+ platform, in addition to Dreamworks content, content from a wide selection of the 13e Rue, Syfy and E! channels will be offered. As of this writing, neither Universal+'s offerings nor their pricing are known.

The fragmentation of the French SVOD offer is not over, other big names are expected in the future in France, HBO Max for example (Game of Thrones).