Meta Quest Pro headset, from virtual reality to mixed reality

Meta -formerly Facebook- presents its brand new virtual reality headset -or rather mixed reality-, a gateway to immerse yourself in the "metaverse".

On the occasion of its Connect 2022 conference, Meta presented the Meta Quest Pro headset, a virtual reality model but which could be described more as mixed reality since it also integrates applications allowing you to stay connected to the 'environment. The Passthrough function has notably been improved compared to that of the Meta Quest 2, with a color visualization of the environment and the possibility, for example, of creating a virtual workspace with several screens distributed all around you.

Meta Quest Pro, big improvements compared to Meta Quest 2

Besides, Meta compares a lot of its new model to the previous Meta Quest 2 to signify its technical improvements. For example, the thin "pancake" optics make it possible to reduce the depth of the optical module by 40%. And for both LCDs with local dimming and quantum dot technology, full-field visual sharpness is improved by 25% in the central vision, 5% in the peripheral region, and the color gamut is 1.3x wider. than Meta Quest 2.

Meta Quest Pro, main specs

At the heart of the device is the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ platform -50% more power compared to the Meta Quest 2- backed by 12 GB of Ram, 256 GB of storage and 10 high-resolution sensors (five inside of the helmet and five on the outside). Note the new Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, each integrating three sensors to track their position in 3D space independently of the helmet. As a small bonus, these controllers will be available separately at an indicative price of €349.99 per pair for use on Meta Quest 2, an old model that Meta continues to support.

The word to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta

“Here is... Meta Quest Pro. It is the first model in our new line of premium headsets, designed to expand the possibilities offered by virtual reality, said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta. It takes what people love about Meta Quest 2 and adds a host of new technologies to help you do more in the metaverse. It's built for collaboration and creativity, and with mixed reality built in, it lets you do things that weren't possible before. All in a beautiful design that's comfortable to wear. Whether you're looking to work in a new way, or just want the best experiences available today... It redefines the standard. »

Available on October 25 at an indicative price of 1,799.99 euros.