iPhone iFlip, foldable concept in video

To stimulate imaginations, here is a new 3D extrapolation of what might be the first foldable screen iPhone.

The concepts of artists follow each other and often resemble each other. Here is the latest signed by designer Michal Dufka which, it must be said, is the most successful project of its kind that we have seen so far.

iFlip foldable iPhone concept

In this video, you can admire a foldable screen iPhone with a clamshell design similar to Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip. Named iPhone iFlip, it takes up the straight edges inaugurated by the iPhone 12 range and has a triple photo sensor on the back, next to which there is a small additional screen allowing you to consult the time and notifications when the device is folded. Note that this screen is surprisingly reminiscent of that of the new Apple Watch Ultra.

Foldable iPhone, 2025 at best

When unfolded, the device looks just like a normal iPhone, albeit with a circular perforation at the top of the main screen for the selfie camera. According to the latest rumors, such an iPhone should see the light of day in 2025 at the earliest, although Apple reserves the right to cancel the project at any time. Source: Yankodesign