What's New on Netflix in October? Del Toro terrifies us

Netflix informs us about its novelties for the month of October. Because many subscribers are waiting for the rest of their programs or want to discover new ones.

Additional programs arrive every month on the Netflix streaming platform, including exclusive original productions. So here is a list of all the new films, series, children's programs and original documentaries that await you for this month of October 2022.

The cabinet of curiosities, 8 unpublished stories by Guillermo del Toro

Menton special this month for The Cabinet of Curiosities, a collection of eight untold stories supervised by Guillermo del Toro (including two original episodes signed by the director), which "question our traditional vision of horror". As a reminder, del Toro is a specialist in the genre since we owe him the Hellboy saga, but also Pan's Labyrinth, and The Devil's Backbone, among others.


- Togo

- One Star at a Time

- Mo Harrigan's Phone

- American Girl

- Old People

- For better and for deo wrong

- The evil spirit of Halloween

- School of Good and Evil duo

- 20th Century Girl

- Murders Without Prescription

- Braquer Mussolini

- Cici

- Beyond the universe

- Nothing new in the west- The 13 survivors: our hell in the cave

- The Joys and the sufferings of young peopleo Yuguo- Doll House- L'Abîme de l'enfer- Wild Is the Wind- Wendell and Wild


- It's cakeo! USA

- Andropause

- Glitch

- The Midnight Club

- Derry Girls

- Spirit Rangers

- Belascoarán, private investigator

- Exception

- The Playlist

- The Watcher

- We all want to be saved

- Our Lady, the share of the fire

- The taste of life

- Barbarians season 2

- Guillermo del Toro's cabinet of curiosities

- Dubai Bling

- If I had known- Chip and potato- The flood- Contigo Capitán: let Guerrero play!- James Among the Weird- The Cage- The Nutty Boy- Dead End: Paranormal Park- The Black Butterflies- On the Family Altar- Mismatched- Under the Queen's Umbrella- Gaufrette eto Mochi's Restaurant- The Glove Gang Green- 28 Days of Terror- Oni: Legends of Thunder- Welcome to Mamilia- Romantic Killer- Daniel Spellbound: All for Magic- My Encounter with Leo Mal- Big Mouth- A Woman in Shards- Mal & Son- I am a Stalker - Deadwind- Inside Man


- Jeffrey Dahmer: self-portrait of a killer

- The Redeem Team: Bounce Together

- Take 1

- The Extraordinary Investigations

- Sue Perkins: Perfectly Legal

- Descendant- LiSA Another Great Day- The escaped: the strange Carloso Ghosn affair- Aftershock: earthquake on the roof of the world- Welcome to the island of the wolves- The culinary tribulations of Deo Phil- High: Overdose of recklessness- Furious planet