Apple Watch Ultra tortured with hammers

Presented as particularly robust by its manufacturer, the new Apple Watch Ultra has been tested by a sadistic youtuber.

This fall Apple introduced the Apple Watch Ultra in its line of connected watches, a model that stands out for its solidity, thanks in particular to a titanium case and a sapphire crystal screen.

Apple Watch Ultra, new challenge for the TechRax YouTube channel

In short, a challenge for the TechRax YouTube channel, which specializes in testing electronic gadgets in extreme ways. Not long ago, TechRax put the crash detector of the iPhone 14 to the test by launching cars at full speed on top of each other. You will therefore be able to see on the video below the Apple Watch Ultra survive with a few minor scratches a fall of approximately 1.20 m, as well as an immersion in a pot filled with scrap metal, shaken. Then the serious things really start with the hammer test, which the watch manages to survive for a relatively long time.

Apple Watch Ultra, the test of Thor

At the end of the sixth blow, the table gives way before the Apple Watch, and it is only after eleven impacts that the device deactivates, without even the screen being scratched yet. It will take a few extra hammer blows for the screen to finally crack. Conclusion: yes, the Apple Watch Ultra is resistant.