LG Rollable, the expandable smartphone we'll never have? (video)

In-depth look at a rare prototype of the LG Rollable, the Korean company's swan song before it left the mobile industry.

A Korean YouTube channel got its hands on a prototype of LG's rollable smartphone, part of a limited series that was sold exclusively to brand employees in 2021.

Stillborn LG Expandable Smartphone

Since then, LG has withdrawn from the mobile market, and the brand will never again be able to improve this device to market it to the general public. We will therefore have to wait for another manufacturer to take up the torch for us to see this real design innovation arrive in the sector, the latest being Samsung's foldable technology.

LG expandable smartphone, smartphone and mini tablet

The video (below) shows the rollable screen smartphone in action, and we can only admire the efficiency and elegance of the system, which even seems to give the foldable technology to which we are eventually got used to it. Rolled up, the device looks like an (almost) normal 6.8'' (17.27 cm) smartphone. The screen expands smoothly to form a 7.4'' (18.8 cm) mini tablet offering a nice viewing area used in landscape mode. So take a look to give you an idea of what might happen between our buts in the years to come. It will then be time to remember that the concept was initiated by LG.