The ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max pulls out its guts (video)

Barely released as the best of Apple's latest smartphones, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has been disassembled (and reassembled, don't worry) to reveal its innards.

While it had not yet been released, the iPhone 14 Pro Max went on the operating table of the YouTube channel PBKreviews. Purpose of the manoeuvre, disassemble the device to see a little what is happening inside its carcass.

iPhone 14 Pro Max, metal plate to dissipate heat

In the video below, we can see that the interior of the new iPhone looks like the 13 Pro Max from last year, with a few differences. Thus, still "L" shaped, the battery is smaller, and some changes have been made to improve heat dissipation, for example the metal plate on the motherboard, and the graphite film on the back of the battery. 'screen.

iPhone 14 Pro Max, new proximity sensor location

And for the first time, the proximity sensor has been placed under the display to make room for the new, notch-less camera setup. Previously, this sensor - which detects whether the iPhone is seized or laid flat - was next to Face ID. So take a look at the video to see other details, like the iPhone 14 Pro Max's rear cameras and speakers.