Foldable iPhone: Apple patents a self-healing screen

Pending an official announcement, Apple continues to patent technologies for a future foldable screen smartphone.

Apple was recently granted a patent for a screen coating with self-healing properties. The document specifically mentions that this technology is applicable to a device with a foldable screen along an axis, through a hinge.

Foldable smartphone subject to the fragility of their screen

This isn't the first time such a glaring clue has surfaced about such a device, although we know that Apple won't say a word until the product is ready for release. The patent therefore describes a flexible screen layer whose scratches can be removed by the application of an external stimulus such as an electric current, heat, light or the like. In fact, flexible materials are by definition subject to fragility, unlike glass that is always in place and never solicited by innumerable bends. Apple thus shows its desire to offer a product that does not have the defects of its competitors currently on the market, in particular the lack of solidity but also the fold visible on the screen at the location of the folding axis.

According to the latest rumors, a foldable iPhone could arrive in 2025. Or maybe never, because Apple is notorious for not releasing products that do not meet the brand's high standards. Source: Patently Apple