Box nVidia Shield TV at 119 € or -20% discount

Previewed on the site during this back-to-school period in 2022, a very nice promotion on the nVidia Shield TV multimedia box offered with a -20% € discount.

Below, the direct link to take advantage of the offer on the basic model of the nVidia Shield TV box displayed at a price of €119, i.e. with an immediate discount of -20% or -30 euros.

nVidia Shield TV multimedia box, back-to-school offer 2022

As a reminder, the awesome nVidia box features advanced AI 4K Ultra HD Upscaling of HD content, support for Lossless audio, over 1,400 PC games, including many same-day game releases thanks to the GeForce NOW service, and integrated Google Assistant.

• Box nVidia Shield TV at €119, i.e. -20% discount