LG OLED77B1 4K Ultra HD Oled TV (196 cm) at €1,500!

Happy Berlin consumers who can acquire today in the flagship store of the Mediamarkt brand located in Alexander Platz the LG OLED77B1 television (196 cm) at the incredible price of €1,500 instead of €4,999.

On the sidelines of the IFA Berlin 2022 show, the editorial staff of discovered a simply exceptional offer on the LG 77OLEDB1 television in the store called Tech Village in Berlin, the most beautiful of the Mediamarkt brand.

LG OLED77B1, the (very) very good deal


Launched on the German market in spring 2021 at €4,499 (and in France at €4,290), the LG OLED77B1 (see our LG B1 Ultra HD 4K Oled TV news, price update to find out more about the product ) is offered in the store called Tech Village at €1,500, not one more. An excellent opportunity to taste the big picture, Oled moreover, at the best price.