IFA 22 > LG LX3 Oled Flex: curved or flat TV, the choice is yours!

LG announces at the IFA show in Berlin 2022 which opens its doors on Friday the first “foldable” television at will using the remote control, depending on the nature of the content displayed. Curved or flat TV, the choice is yours.

Already seen a few years ago at international trade shows, the foldable television becomes a reality with the LG LX3, also known as LG Oled Flex.

LG LX3, an oled TV like the others

With a 42'' (107 cm) diagonal, the LG Oled Flex is primarily aimed at video game enthusiasts (curved position) who also want to enjoy a movie in the best conditions (flat position). Foldable at will using the remote control, according to 20 radii of curvature (maximum 900R), the LG LX3 has all the specifications of LG Oled TVs, less the Oled EX panel: HDMI 2.1, VRR, ALLM, 4K /120, G-Sync, FreeSync Premium, Dolby Atmos, HDR Dolby Vision, Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor, Google Stadia, GeForce Now… The audio section has two front speakers for a total power of 40 watts.

LG Oled FLex, the ultimate PC Gaming screen?

Namely, always specifically adapted to the needs of the gamer, the Switching Hub function allows the use of the integrated microphone of the LG Oled Flex, and all the devices connected via its USB ports (headset, keyboard or mouse) with a PC connected by HDMI cable. By pressing the source switching button on the side of the LX3, the player switches between the PC and the LG LX3 without having to physically disconnect and reconnect anything. The icing on the cake, the built-in microphone offers echo cancellation processing for perfectly intelligible conversations during games.

LG Oled FLex

Note also the possibility of displaying two program sources simultaneously (by choosing the associated sound). Of course, the Game Optimizer function is also included, in an even more advanced version. Finally, the LG X3 has a light system on the back of the screen, like the brilliant Philips Ambilight process, which can be synchronized with the image or sound displayed / broadcast for an even more atmosphere. immersive.

Availability and indicative price still unknown.