Create the new iPhone!

While waiting for the imminent arrival of the iPhone 14, why not create the new Apple sensation yourself in just a few clicks?

“Design the next iPhone” is the title of this small interactive site, created by Neal Agarwal and which allows you to literally build your own iPhone. The principle is simple: a "bare" iPhone sits at the top of the screen, and you can add all sorts of ports, components and accessories to it by dragging them from a list at the bottom of the screen.

Propellers on an iPhone…

While some elements are classic -Jack socket, camera module, notch on the screen, volume buttons...- we quickly realize that your iPhone can become an improbable gadget with other wacky components, such as an HDMI port, propellers, an Android logo, a joystick, an antenna, an old-fashioned phone dial, and more.


Once your work has been validated, a prize is awarded to it based on the elements used, and Tim Cook himself appears at the edge of the screen to praise the merits of this new iPhone. In the photo below is the iPhone AVCesar, which was created in less than a minute. So, convinced?