Netflix with ads: €6 per month?

We know in what price range Netflix's new offer could be, as well as the portion of time that advertisements will occupy in the space of an hour.

As you probably know, to compensate for the fall in subscribers observed this year, Netflix will soon introduce a new subscription offer that is cheaper than the Essential subscription but is strewn with advertisements.

Netflix with ads, between €6 and €8?

This additional option will normally be launched in early 2023, and according to the latest information from Bloomberg, it should be priced between $7 and $9 per month. Knowing that the cheapest current offer is $9.99 in the USA, €8.99 here, we can deduce that the price of this new option in France could be between €6 and €8.

Netflix with ads, some ad-free content…

Bloomberg also reveals that the commercials will take up 4 minutes over an hour of streaming, and that they will air before the programs, and right in the middle. Previous rumors further explained that advertisements should spare certain content. Thus, they will not interrupt children's programs (which Disney + also provides), nor Netflix original films. Finally, be aware that the download function to watch its contents offline could be absent from this new cheaper option.