King Kong in series, heavy… crazy?

Disney+ has just confirmed that a live-action King Kong series is in advanced stages of development.

Stephany Folsom (Paper Girls) was commissioned to write the script for the series which should modernize the classic King Kong story (see King Kong of 1976, or that of Peter Jackson, 2005) transposed to our time with a scheduled return to Skull Island.


The series will therefore be inspired by the classic novel by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack, but also by novelizations by Joe DeVito, author of King of Skull Island, among others, prequel and sequel to the 1933 feature film.

Warning, according to Hollywood Reporter, the set will not be connected to the Kong Monsterverse Films at Legendary and Warner Bros. In short, it will be a question of re-telling in series the origins of the monster Kong, which will become King Kong.