25% of Android users ready to switch to iOS

Increased security is the number one reason for owners of Android smartphones to switch to the iPhone.

Specialized in computer security, the company Beyond Identity conducted a survey of 1,003 Americans to ask them about cybersecurity on smartphones.

Security objective with iOS16

We learn among other information that 25% of Android smartphone owners consider switching to the iPhone. And for 49% of its defectors, the main reason for this defection is that Apple's mobile is perceived as more secure. The arrival of the new iOS16 is also a reason that pushes many Android users to switch to the iPhone, the operating system having several security functions, in particular against spyware (spyware).

iPhone users more concerned with security

The study also shows that iPhone users pay more attention to security, for example using 6-digit codes (rather than 4) to unlock their mobile, as well as facial recognition and remote location.