OnePlus is also preparing its foldable smartphone

While almost all the major manufacturers have launched their foldable screen smartphones, the Chinese OnePlus is also announcing its interest in the sector.

“What do you think it is? Pete Lau -founder of OnePlus- recently asked on Twitter, with a photo of mysterious spare parts…

Pete Lau unveils OnePlus' first foldable smartphone

Actually not that mysterious! We can indeed clearly distinguish two hinge systems for smartphones with foldable screens. In short, a more or less subtle way of announcing that the Chinese manufacturer is working on such a device.

The foldable smartphone market attracts more and more brands

OnePlus would thus join Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and Motorola in the sector, and we have even been hearing for some time that Google would also arrive with its foldable device. Note that OnePlus and Oppo are two sister companies, owned by the same entity, and OnePlus' folding screen smartphone could thus be an improved version of Oppo's Find N, with the OxygenOS system instead of the ColorOS. Expected release date for this new mobile: 2023.