Philips TV Oled Ambilight Days cashback offer, up to €500 refunded

To celebrate the start of the new school year, Philips is offering a refund offer called Ambilight Days until October 2 for the purchase of one of its Oled Ultra HD 4K televisions, up to 500 euros.

From today until October 2, for any purchase of a Philips Ambilight 4K Ultra HD Oled TV from the references below, the manufacturer will reimburse you:

• €100 reimbursed for the Philips 48OLED707, Philips 48OLED807, Philips 48OLED887 or Philips 48OLED907

• €200 reimbursed for the Philips 55OLED707, Philips 55OLED807, Philips 55OLED887, Philips 55OLED907, Philips 65OLED707, Philips 65OLED807 65OLED887

• €300 reimbursed for the Philips 65OLED907 or Philips 65OLED937

• €500 reimbursed for the Philips 77OLED807 or Philips 77OLED937

Details of the offer are available on the brand's website: