If Better Call Saul was a video game… GameBoy

As the Breaking Bad spin-off draws to a close, fans pay homage to it in an original way.

Curious idea to transform the Better Call Saul series into a GameBoy game, an old portable console from the last century. But given the sometimes surprising -even absurd- turns that the fantastic Breaking Bad spin-off takes, we're not really that surprised.

Check out Mike's sniper skills

This video game therefore does not exist, but the YouTube channel Lumpy Touch has acted as if it were true, at the origin of a video showing some selected pieces of this fictional adaptation. You can choose between three characters at the start - Jimmy, Kim and Mike - each with their own characteristics and game phases. and Howard Hamlin.

As for the series, it is currently coming to an end, and any Breaking Bad fan should watch it. What are you waiting for?