LG Tone Free T90, True Wireless headphones with Dolby Head Tracking

LG presented a few days ago its new range of True Wireless Tone Free headphones consisting of the TF7, TF8, T60 and T90 references. Presentation of the last mentioned, the LG T90, before returning later to the others.

Smaller and lighter than their predecessors, LG's Tone Free T90 wireless headphones offer a new internal structure with large transducers generating generous bass.

LG Tone Free T90, built-in Meridian Headphone Spatial technology

Note the use of graphene, a material that reduces vibrations for increased audio quality. LG is also collaborating with Meridian for the integration of Meridian Headphone Spatial Processing technology which, in short, gives the impression of enjoying music with a real stereo system.

LG Tone Free T90, built-in Dolby Head Tracking function

You should also know that the LG Tone Free T90 are the first TWS headphones compatible with Dolby Head Tracking. Thus, the position of the sound in space takes into account the orientation of your head: a guitar located on the left in the sound image delivered by the headphones will end up behind your head if you turn it to the right. Realism and sound immersion are therefore perfect. There is also an improved noise cancellation function, with the Double Step ANC algorithm which filters external noise with a higher sampling rate, and the Real Time ANC Optimizer process which analyzes the position of the headphones in the ear. via the internal microphones.

LG Tone Free T90, UVnano Earphone Disinfector Charging Case

The UVnano charging case uses ultraviolet rays to help sanitize the headphones, and it provides 29 hours of additional battery life to the 9 hours already available through the headphones (all without active noise reduction). Namely, 1 hour is enough to fully charge the headphones.

Availability announced for August 22. Indicative price: 229 euros.