Disney is overtaking Netflix in the streaming market, but…

The number of subscribers to the streaming platforms owned by the giant Disney has just exceeded that of Netflix. But what about Disney+?

On the occasion of the announcement of its latest quarterly results, Disney announced the number of subscribers to its streaming platforms worldwide: 221.1 million, slightly more than the 220 million of the leader Netflix, exceeded for the first time. Let's put things into perspective, however, by specifying that Disney counts subscribers to several services: Disney+ of course, but also ESPN+ and Hulu.

Opposite dynamics for Disney+ and Netflix…

Disney+ alone has “only” 152.1 million subscribers. However, the trajectory of the service is on an upward slope with the trifle of 14.4 million new members garnered in the previous quarter, while Netflix recorded a decline over the same period. So it seems only a matter of months before the young Disney+ overtakes its elder Netflix.

As we know, the Covid-19 pandemic has benefited all streaming services, but even Coming out of lockdowns, Disney continues to grow. However, Disney believes that its subscriber numbers may decline following the loss of the rights to broadcast cricket in India, a sport watched with fervor there.