Apple Watch detects tumor just in time

New episode in our series “The Apple Watch saves another life”.

It is always with pleasure that we bring you examples of the bravery of our electronic gadgets whose functionalities contribute to literally saving lives.

Afib symptoms detected by Apple Watch

To keep up with habits, it's still the Apple Watch connected watch that is on the rise, once again for its ability to detect AFib, or atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat that can cause a stroke, blood clots, heart failure and other serious effects. Kim Durkee, 67, a resident of Maine in the United States, went to the hospital out of curiosity after her Apple Watch alerted her heart to AFib three nights in a row. “You know what, go to the emergency room. If they tell you there's nothing, then you'll throw the watch away,” the lady said to herself. Good for him since doctors found a rare, fast-growing tumor that could block blood flow to the heart and cause a stroke.

The patient keeps her watch connected

After an operation on the heartbeat and the removal of the tumor (4 cm anyway), Durkee left the hospital in great shape two weeks later. If the Apple Watch hadn't warned her, doctors said she would surely have died soon. And last I heard, of course she didn't throw away her watch. Source: CBS News