Netflix with ads and hunting for account sharing? Early 2023!

The streaming platform formalizes the date on which two new features will arrive to counter the recent subscriber leak.

After an alarming first quarter of 2022 and a second quarter which confirms the rout, Netflix has taken serious decisions to make up for its shortfall due to the flight of its subscribers.

Netflix soon on the hunt for password sharing

First decision, the hunt for account sharing which consists in giving free use of your Netflix account to a person who does not live under your roof, by providing them with their password. As for the means used to limit account sharing, currently being tested in several South American countries, they will be deployed during 2023.

Netflix, subscription offer with advertising at a reduced price

Another novelty planned, a new subscription offer cheaper than the Essential subscription (currently €8.99), but strewn with advertisements. This additional option will be launched in early 2023, Netflix said on the occasion of the recent announcement of the results of the second quarter.