The connected ball for the 2022 World Cup

Offside or not offside? No more doubts at the next World Cup thanks to several technologies, including an official ball equipped with a sensor.

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar kicks off on November 21, and technology will be at the service of referees, particularly for detecting offsides, a foul not always easy to confirm in the heat of the moment.

Adidas ball with integrated sensor

The stadiums will notably be equipped with 12 cameras dedicated to tracking the ball as well as 29 data points for each player - in particular for the extremity of the limbs - 50 times per second. Object of the game, to know at all times the position of all the mobile elements on the ground. In addition, the official Adidas ball will be equipped with a sensor in its center, sending its data 500 times per second to the video operating room, allowing there also to know its precise position at all times.