iPhone 14, price increase in sight?

The increase in the price of raw materials on Apple's supply chain could affect the final price of the next iPhones.

Japanese chemical supplier Showa Denko KK recently announced that it will have to raise the price of its products to cope with the current global economic difficulties. If you didn't know, the Japanese company provides essential products for processor manufacturers, including Chinese TSMC, the main producer of chips for Apple's iPhone.

Inescapable future rise of Apple products?

One thing leading to another, this price increase could have repercussions along the production chain to affect the price of the iPhone 14 which should be released next September. It now remains to be seen whether Apple will succeed in absorbing these additional costs without affecting the public's wallet. And if that were the case, we must also keep in mind the decline of the euro currency against the dollar, with the parity in sight according to many analysts. Apple being an American company, the new euro/dollar exchange rate should also contribute to an increase in the price of products from the United States, and therefore of Apple equipment. Source:Bloomberg