Samsung QE75QN800B Neo QLED Ultra HD 8K TV review, online

After the year 2021 which will have seen the Mini LED backlighting make its appearance within the Samsung Neo QLED TV range, 2022 is the year of consecration for this technology with multiple improvements raising the quality of the LCD image to a new level.

With a new Neural Quantum 8K processor equipped with 20 Deep Learning modules, video processing and more particularly Upscaling are still progressing. Picture accuracy with 4K Ultra HD sources is just perfect and that from a Full HD (1080p) signal looks incredible. And even in the presence of SD sources (DVD), it's stunning! This is to say the quality of Samsung video processing.

TV Neo QLED 8K Samsung 2022, technology showcase

With the Samsung QE75QN800B, the Korean manufacturer manages to make people forget the lack of native 8K content and to magnify the spectacle offered by all other sources: internet, SD (DVD), HD and Full HD (TNT and Blu-Ray) , Ultra HD 4K (4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray and OTT platforms), in order to justify the purchase of such a television.

Neo QLED 8K Samsung 2022 TV, Blooming almost non-existent

In terms of black density, Samsung Neo QLED TVs are now able to compete with OLED technology, especially thanks to perfectly controlled Blooming, or almost. It can still be faulted in extreme situations, corner viewing angle for example, but impossible to reproduce in normal daily TV use. Of course, the Oled still offers superior dynamics when the image is dark, but the Mini LED is almost on the same level. And on bright images, the latter easily makes the difference with specular lights that explode on the screen.

Our ultra-complete test bench of the latest Samsung product can be discovered immediately by clicking on the following link: Samsung QE75QN800B.