Loewe Bild V Oled Ultra HD 4K TV: 55'' and 65'' on the program

We told you in our previous publications about the Loewe brand, the German manufacturer is returning to France with a full range of audio and video equipment (see our TV news Oled Ultra HD 4K Loewe Bild S.77 available in 77'' and We. See by Loewe, new LCD Smart TV series from 32'' to 55''). Make way today for the TV series Oled Loewe Bild V.

Composed of the two references Loewe Bild V.55 (55'', 140 cm) and Loewe Bild V.65 (65'', 165 cm), the Bild V series incorporates most of the technical characteristics of the TV Loewe Bild S .77 modulo some differences.

TV Loewe Bild V: design, audio and HDD sections

In the game of the seven differences, in addition to the size of the televisions available in 55'' and 65'' but not in 77'', we can cite the design with a distinct range of feet, a less evolved sound section where the bar of its gives way to two bass-reflex speakers, or even a 1 TB HDD (compared to 2 TB).

Loewe Bild V.55 and Bild V.65, Oled EX panel

Like the Loewe Bild S.77 TV, the Loewe Bild V.55 and Bild V.65 models benefit from all the latest technologies, including the White Oled panel from LG Display. Thus, Loewe Bild V TVs have an Oled EX panel. However, after discussion with a Loewe manager, we learned that the screen's peak light is limited to 800 nits to avoid any risk of Burn-In, a concern always inherent in White Oled technology.

Loewe Bild V, 80W sound section

As mentioned above, the sound section of the Bild V screens does not equal that of the TV Bild S. Here, the total power delivered displays 80 W (2 x 40 W) via two bass-reflex speakers each equipped with four high -speakers. Otherwise, Dolby Atmos compatibility is still absentee.

Loewe Bild V, main technical characteristics

Namely, in addition to the Media+ function already mentioned for recording your favorite shows, Loewe Bild V TVs are equipped with a dual DVB-T2, DVB-C and DVB-S2 tuner). Similarly, recording but also access to photos, videos and music via the USB port are required. Ditto for sending audio-video content from a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.), the presence of an internet browser or web radios. On the HDR side, the management of HDR10, HDR HLG and HDR Dolby Vision signals are on the menu.

Loewe Bild V, smart TV Loewe OS

The Loewe OS operating system is none other than Vidaa (developed by Loewe) offered under another name and gives access to all the major streaming platforms: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, YouTube, myChannel…

Loewe Bild V, connectivity

The connection of Loewe Bild V.55 and Bild V.65 televisions finally has four HDCP 2.2 certified HDMI 2.0 inputs (including one ARC certified), an optical output, an RCA stereo output, a mini-Jack 3 headphone output, 5 mm, three USB ports (including two 3.0), an Ethernet port and two CI+ ports (including one Fransat certified). For connectivity, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are available.

Immediate availability. Indicative prices: €3,990 for the Loewe Bild V.55, €5,990 for the Loewe Bild V.65.

Reminder of the key characteristics of Loewe Bild V TVs:

• 10-bit panel

• 100 Hz panel

• Ultra HD 4K panel

• Oled EX panel

• Wide Color Gamut function

• UPnP (DLNA) multimedia gateway function

• Time Shifting function

• HDR10 and HDR HLG compatibility

• NTFS compatibility (via USB)

• HDR Dolby Vision compatibility

• Wi-Fi compatibility

• HEVC compatibility

• Fransat compatibility

• CEC compatibility

• Canal Ready compatibility

• Compatibility Bluetooth

• Outputs: 1 optical output, 1 RCA stereo, 1 3.5 mm mini-jack

• Inputs: 4 HDMI 2.0 compatible with HDCP 2.2, CEC, 3 USB ports (including two 3.0) Fat32 compatible , exFat and NTFS, 2 CI+ ports, 1 Ethernet port

• Loewe OS multimedia

• Peak light: approximately 800 nits

• DVB-T2 dual tuner

• DVB- dual tuner S2

• Dual DVB-C tuner

• Sound section: 2.0

• Power: 80 W (2 x 40 W)

• Energy label: G in SDR & HDR