80 million Samsung screens for the iPhone 14

Samsung Display is gearing up to supply tens of millions of screens for the upcoming back-to-school iPhone series.

Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 14 line in the market, and the main display supplier for the devices is expected to be Samsung Display.

How many Oled Samsung Display screens for which iPhone model?

Indeed, the Chinese manufacturer BOE was supposed to supply a large part of these components, but was rejected due to “cheating” (see our iPhone 14 news: BOE wants to be forgiven by Apple). The Korean Samsung is therefore seeing its orders increase for the Oled screens of the iPhone 14. According to the Korean media The Elec, Samsung Display is preparing to deliver 80 million screens for the new Apple smartphones, broken down as follows: 38 million for the iPhone 14 and 14 Max, and the rest for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.