Meta and Mark Zuckerberg present four virtual reality headsets (video)

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta (formerly Facebook) shows off his latest virtual reality headset prototypes.

Meta's Reality Labs subsidiary is working hard to build the interfaces that will be used to interact with the "metaverse", a virtual space that is supposed to become the Internet of tomorrow and dear to Meta's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. It was he who recently presented the latest prototypes - four in total - of Reality Labs' virtual reality (VR) headsets.

Butterscotch, Starburst, Holocake 2 and Mirror Lake virtual reality prototype headsets

Codenamed Butterscotch, Starburst, Holocake 2 and Mirror Lake, each device is built around a particular purpose, destined to become a commercial reality in the years to come:

• Butterscotch is aiming for a large visual fidelity, seeking to approach human retinal vision, with 2.5 times the resolution of the Quest 2 headset. The device also uses gaze tracking technology to move the lenses to achieve dynamic focus .

• The Starburst project, for its part, focuses on HDR, for optimal brightness and vibrant colors allowing a more immersive rendering. Where Quest 2 offers 100 nits of brightness, for example, this new headset aims much higher.

• Holocake 2 is an experimental device, aiming to become the thinnest and lightest VR headset in the world. . To do this, it uses various technologies such as polarized reflections that bounce light before reaching the eye.

• Finally, Mirror Lake is only at the concept stage for the moment, and seeks to bundle as many premium features as possible to deliver high-end power in a thin, light headset.