1.2 billion 5G connections in 2022

The 5G standard is starting to pick up its cruising speed with an expected number of connections twice as high this year as in 2021.

According to analyst firm CCS Insight, the number of 5G connections this year is expected to reach 1.2 billion, almost twice as many as in 2021.

44% of smartphones sold in 2022 5G compatible

The previous two years have been difficult for the expansion of 5G networks due to the health crisis, but a bright horizon is finally emerging. 5G technology has now become a key feature of premium smartphones, and is increasingly found in mid-range models. 681 million mobiles sold this year will be 5G, or 44% of the global total. And more about the future in a few words and figures, the firm CCS Insight estimates that there will be 4 billion 5G connections in the world in 2026, or 45% of total connections.