Delivery by Amazon Prime Air drone, it's (soon) gone

Announced for a while, delivery in thirty minutes by unmanned drone at Amazon is coming this year, but not yet everywhere.

Announced in 2013 already, the Amazon Prime Air service is about to literally take off.

Amazon Prime Air, first delivery to Lockeford CA

As a reminder, it involves delivering your parcels with an autonomous drone in order to receive them in record time. To this end, Amazon explains that it has created a sophisticated detection system that allows the device to fly unattended, while avoiding other flying objects, people, animals and various obstacles. The service will initially be deployed at the end of the year in Lockeford, California, certainly chosen for its relatively flat geography and mild climate. Amazon Prime subscribers will have access to the Amazon Prime Air option on select eligible products.

In concrete terms, the drone takes the package to the appropriate delivery location for the customer, hover at a safe height, and drop the package before setting off again for new adventures.