France: fiber continues to expand its web

The Internet continues to go faster and faster for the French if we are to believe the latest fiber optic adoption figures.

According to the Electronic Communications and Postal Regulatory Authority (Arcep), fiber optic internet in France experienced a slight slowdown in its deployment in the first quarter of 2022, but adoption is still increasing.

72% of French premises eligible for fiber in 2022

As of March 31, 2022, there were thus 1 million additional fiber subscribers, bringing the total to 19.3 million. Fiber thus represents 61% of all high-speed and very high-speed internet subscriptions (up 10% in one year). In the first quarter of 2022, 1.1 million additional premises were made connectable to fiber, i.e. 20% less than during the same period in 2021. 72% of premises are thus eligible for fiber optics.