Devialet sound for first class flights

The French company Devialet plans to integrate loudspeakers in airplane seats to replace audio headsets during flights.

French specialist in high-end audio, Devialet has teamed up with Safran - which develops technologies for aviation - to design an audio system integrated into aircraft seats.

Euphony sound solution by Devialet/Safran

Named Euphony, this solution offers a personal premium audio bubble, without the need for headphones. Given the dull and constant noise in an airplane, one can legitimately doubt the noise cancellation that such a system could provide, but Devialet and Safran claim that Euphony is able to adjust the sound in real time according to the ambient noise to provide an optimal listening experience that won't disturb other passengers.

These seats will arrive next year, only for first class and business class. It is not yet known on which airlines.