iPhone 14: improved selfie camera too (bis)

The rear camera module will not be the only one to see a marked improvement on the very next generation of iPhone.

In addition to a significant improvement for the main camera module of the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, Taiwanese Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also predicted a similar fate last April for the selfie camera of the iPhone 14 series (four models, therefore) for the next school year.

iPhone 14 selfie camera, new technical details

He recently reiterated his prediction, with some additional details. The front camera will be equipped with autofocus and an f/1.9 aperture. For comparison, the iPhone 13s do not have autofocus and have a smaller aperture (f / 2.2). The autofocus will, for example, improve the sharpness of video calls, while the wider aperture will allow more light to pass through for better depth of field in photos and videos.

The front lens will be a 6P model (against 5P on iPhone 13) built by Genius, i.e. 6 lenses to reduce the distortion of light entering the lens. Also added will be a VCM (Voice Coil Motor) manufactured by Luxshare, which is involved in tuning management.