Yamaha TW-ES5A, new IPX7-certified True Wireless headphones for athletes

The Japanese manufacturer unveiled two new references of True Wireless in-ear headphones yesterday, the Yamaha TW-E7B already presented in our columns, and the Yamaha TW-ES5A intended for the more athletic among us.

Of course, the True Wireless Yamaha TW-ES5A headphones, like the brand's headphones, are equipped with the Listening Care function to enhance listening. The latter proposes to take care of your hearing by making all the frequencies of a sound signal audible, even at low volume.

Yamaha TW-ES5A, Listening Care function

To do this, Yamaha engineers have drawn on the technologies developed for ages by the Japanese manufacturer, the YPAO automatic calibration process present on its audio-video amplifiers allowing in this case to correct the acoustics of a room. . No need to force the volume to hear the low and high frequencies, the presence of a four-band equalizer makes it possible to finely balance the entire frequency response. It is the hair cells, unable to regenerate, that say thank you to Yamaha.

Yamaha TW-ES5A, Ambient Sound Mode

The Ambient Sound mode is of course included. This allows the user, using the microphone present, to perceive his sound environment or even to converse with others without having to remove the headset.

Yamaha TW-ES5A, main features

In addition to the Listening Care and Ambient Sound functions, the True Wireless Yamaha TW-ES5A earphones are equipped with a 6 mm transducer, integrate the Bluetooth 5.2 function Qualcomm APT-X Adaptive and offer a battery life of 9 hours, 34 hours via the case which allows about three full recharges. Note that charging using the supplied USB-C/A cable requires 1.5 hours for the earphones, 2.5 hours for the case. On the voice assistant side, Siri and Google Assistant are in the game. Just like the IPX7 certification (resistance to immersion at a depth of 1 m for 30 minutes), ideal for resisting sweat. Then just rinse them with clear water.

You should also know that the True Wireless Yamaha TW-ES5A headphones incorporate the Bluetooth 5.2 APT-X HD Adaptive function to enjoy always optimal sound, regardless of the source: music, movies or video games. The latter offers a minimum Input Lag to promote the immersion of the player in the action. Last precision, the Yamaha TW-ES5A memorize up to 3 different Bluetooth devices.

Yamaha TW-ES5A, Headphone Control app

The control of the Yamaha TW-E7B is provided through the Headphone Control application or via the buttons on the headphones. They are sold with five different tips and silicone fins in four sizes, the latter ensuring a secure fit of the earphones when playing sports.

Availability in black, blue, pink, white and green colors announced for the month of July. Indicative price: 199 euros.

Reminder of the key features of the Yamaha TW ES5A:

• Type: 6 mm closed dynamic in-ear headphones

• Dynamic speakers

• Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

• Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2 APT-X HD Qualcomm Adaptive

• Bluetooth profiles supported: A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP

• Codecs: SBC, AAC, Qualcomm APT-X HD Adaptive

• Certification: IPX7

• Function(s): Listening Care, Ambient Sound, Game mode

• Voice assistants Google Assistant and Apple Siri

• Battery life: 9 hours (continuous connection including reading), 34 hours with the storage case and its integrated battery

• Charging time: 90 min for the earphones, 150 min for the case

• Weight: 7.9 g for one earphone